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And YOU thought nothing in life was guaranteed! (Includes Video)

Sep 6, 2019

Are you familiar with guaranteed pay or GPAY?

Guaranteed pay, also known as GPAY, is income protection for employees experiencing unanticipated events that are affecting their ability to generate normal earnings.

We all agree that “things” happen and Murphy’s Law is alive and well.

Heck, Murphy was probably a driver!

If you’re familiar with common types of GPAY plans, then you might be expecting Veriha’s GPAY to be a flat rate plan that doesn’t take into account how often, and how hard, you work plus your actual earnings.

At Veriha, instead of using flat rates, we calculate GPAY based off of your rolling yearly average earnings.

So, what exactly does that mean to me?

Minimum starting GPAY is $800 weekly for students and $900 weekly for experienced drivers (before taxes and deductions).

In week one, if a Veriha driver were to earn $1,000 in mileage pay (before taxes and deductions) their GPAY would be reset to $1,000.

In week two, if the driver comes in at $1,200, their new rolling GPAY average is $1,200. This calculation continues for a rolling 52 weeks.

Therefore, as your average earnings increase, so does your GPAY!

Is GPAY at Veriha paid as gross or net pay?

Gross pay is the total amount of money that you earned before deductions.

Net pay is the amount of your check after taxes and other deductions such as health insurance, 401K, etc.

Veriha GPAY is calculated and paid as gross pay. Then your specific, standard deductions are applied to arrive at your net GPAY!

GPAY is ideal for drivers who value income protection and smart benefit programs designed to smooth out the twists and turns of life as a driver!

We appreciate our drivers and offer compensation plans that reward them for being team players and working hard!

About Veriha:

Veriha offers unique training programs that will have drivers safely and competently operating trucks regardless of prior experience. We bring the world to you, and our drivers mean the world to us. Contact a Veriha Career Development Specialist at (715) 330-5964 to discuss your trucking career!

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